Soulful facilitators Daniela Kaufman and Lisa Pryce are excited to offer 'Moving into Joy! We have designed a 7 day, rejuvenating and creative experience for women.  “MOVING INTO JOY“ is a fun, deep dive into your vibrant Self through: Gentle Yoga, Nia Dance, Sound, Movement and Visual Art Meditations.

We have structured our gathering to ensure that you fully relax, reset and enjoy activities such as visiting regenerative Sulfur Hot Springs, and Waterfalls. As well you may optionally participant in unlimited River Swims, Hiking  / Walking, Ocean Play, and more. This custom designed, inspiring experience is inclusive of all except airfare and travel insurances.

Join us, as we explore in a restorative, natural setting at the XADANU ECO CENTRE (5 nights,) and conclude our time together at the beautiful BINNIGUENDA HOTEL (2 nights) - close to the beach: November 24 - December 01 - 2019 

ABOUT XADANU ECO CENTRE - 1 1/3 hour drive 

Enjoy delicious, healthy, traditional meals, friendly service, (English and Spanish,) and clean, comfortable rooms - each with private bath! Note - we are able to accommodate some special food requests and we pride ourselves on our excellent service. 

The Ranch is independently owned by 2 families - one North American, one German / Mexican. It is a working Ranch and a beautiful Retreat Centre! 

Xadanu is set on 400 acres in the pristine wilderness of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and nestled between two rivers - the Zimatán & the San Lorenzo. 

Please see 'Accommodation' page for further descriptions, and the 'Snap Shot' page for images and a more detailed summary of XADANU. The Binniguenda Hotel, across the road from a gorgeous swimming beach, can be viewed here

To register please contact: Daniela: +1 647 783 3348 (cell phone, WhatsApp or message)

Email: movingintojoy@gmail.com  

$1,799.00 CAD per person - double occupancy 

$1,999.00 CAD per person - single occupancy 



  • Morning meditations by the River
  • Excursions: Sulphur Hot Springs, Natural Waterfalls
  • Walking trails 
  • Cultural talk with resident Zapotec (Indigenous) Mari Tere
  • Soul nourishing, traditional Oaxacan meals at Xadanu Eco Ranch
  • Star gazing
  • Relaxation and connection to Nature
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • transfers, transportation, tax
  • Playful, informative workshops, movement, meditation, art, processes and much more...

What is Nia?

Dancing to inspiring music, Nia is easy and fun to follow. It is for all ages and levels of fitness. Nia uses the body's natural movements and range of motion to achieve physical, mental and emotional health and integration. Nia is revolutionary, as it replaces the concept of realizing health through punishment with an actualized state of inspired fun. It increases the pleasure of living in your body. It is holistic, in that it includes dance, and soft martial arts, thereby creating a synergy that no isolated technique can match.

Painting From Your Essence:

Painting from your Essence is an inward journey designed with the intention to align you with your own Creative Source, to deeply connect with yourself as the artist creator of your life. This journey starts off with a guided meditation. When you open your eyes there will be a small canvas, paint, glitter, beads etc.  ready for you to express yourself according to your desire . You will then have an inspirational Creation to bring home with you. *** ZERO painting experience required! *** 

Who is Daniela?

Welcome friends! I’m Daniela Kaufman, Vibrant Health Coach, Speaker, Nia Dance Instructor, Wellness Educator, Doula Artist and Lover of Life! Some of what I have studied so far: Psycho-Spiritual Therapy, Nia, Quantum Techniques, Reconnective Healing level I,II, III, Holistic Health based on Functional Medicine principles and more. 

I have enjoyed organizing events and I have led numerous workshops, classes and retreats since 1990 in Canada, Israel and Slovakia. I invite people to recognize the unity of body, mind, and spirit, and becoming empowered to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish. 

As a Health Educator, some of the subjects I teach are various Relaxation and Releasing Techniques, Nutrition, Breast Health, Reversing Insulin Resistance, Well Being and Weight Loss, Digestive Health, Gentle Detox, Energy Medicine Hacks :-) and more... 

As an Artist, I thrive on cross-pollinating artistic mediums of movement, fine art, music and playful becoming. In my spare time I love dancing like nobody's watching, picking wild greens from my garden in bare feet, hanging from the Mulberry tree and feasting on it's juicy berries. Of course, I LOVE playing with my awesome Grandkids. 

I take voice lessons, drumming, painting,and I love raw cacao in my smoothies, dancing ( did I mention it...?) and planning my next adventure (next stop Eco Ranch in the Mexican Jungle!) 

My personal mission is to offer 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, retreats and events, to assist people to align their health and life so their purpose and real Self can shine. To me Alignment means you are an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic match for the desired life you want to live; unlearning and letting go of the “shoulds” and programming that have previously limited you. It’s about taking back your power, expressing your truth, and sharing your purpose with the world, moment by moment, and to realize access to peace, freedom, youthful exuberance, joy, abundance, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Much love and cheers to ALL!

Who is Lisa?

Lisa is an artist, dancer, writer, and coordinator extraordinaire! She is a lover of the Esoteric, and has delved deeply into many teachings. Her mission, from a child: Freedom, Liberty of Humanity, Love &Truth - no matter what... 

Lisa's role in Moving into Joy has been to structure the foundational blueprint, organize the details, support Daniela's amazing program, and participate integratively. Some idea's include Aquatic stretch and release, Sigil creation, recording of Natural sounds for meditation (using phones,) making stone pendants with stones found in the River. Your idea's welcome!