Accommodation information

Xadanu Eco Retreat


We are NOT a 5 star resort, we offer simple, clean, well appointed rooms with private bath in the rooms. We are located in the Jungle,about 1 1/4 hours from Huatulco, nestled between 2 beautiful, fresh water Rivers. 

There are 3 buildings that we use for accommodations as follows: 

Bungalow: Located beside the villa and contains 2 bedrooms, one bathroom. 3 beds in total. It may be used as a double and a single or 2 singles sharing one bath. *we often use the terrace at the bungalow, which overlooks the river, for yoga.

Main house: (This is a 3 minute walk from the villa where the meals are served and the workshop and studio space is located.) There is a common area here, and this is where the WiFi is located. There are 5 available rooms containing 3 double rooms and two single rooms. All rooms have their own private bathroom. We have on additional room but it is utilized by a couple of staff.

Villa: We have one single room with private bathroom at the back of the villa. We also have a family area at the front of the villa containing 4 beds. This area is split into 2 areas. One with one bed and bathroom. It is divided with a door and the other room has 2 single beds, and an alcove with a double bed.* The front areas all share one bathroom and usually the staff and facilitators stay in this area.

Additional Information:


We can offer, and include other amenities such as Massage, Clay Masks, Yoga, Aquafit,  and / or Samba dance if desired. All will depend on your preferences. If you don't see it here, please inquire - we specialize in customizing our clients experience!

See you soon!