Personalized Fitness for Women: Land or Water


Private or Small Group Sessions

WELCOME! I'm offering a rich assortment of training and experience that adapts knowledge for your unique benefit. Fitness sessions will be arranged by appointment - in the comfort of your own home, or a prearranged venue of choice - I will travel to you! 

Join me in a gentle, therapeutic approach that utilizes traditional and non-traditional knowledge for those living with pain, and limitations. We will co-create a completely personalized program that enhances well being and much more!

Not Your Average Fitness Set Up!

I have been working with clients, in the area of fitness and aquatics, for over 40 years and it is clear that many needs are not being met... 

In the comfort of your home I provide a range of services that are aimed to the desire, level and ability of my clients. Through blending a combination of specialized chair exercises, relaxation techniques, gentle encouragement, movement, conversation and respect, we'll design a plan so perfect that you will not even notice you are 'working.'

Reasonable rates available for individual, small groups or packages. 

*Offering a seniors discount of 10% , 

Who Would Love This Approach to Fitness?

You are a woman with a desire for self improvement - through ease and flow. You prefer your personal environment over the gym, (you may have special circumstance,) you deserve dignity and respect, while exploring improved physical health, confidence, fun conversation, and a strong sense of well being. 

Sessions are not preplanned or pre packaged. We'll meet in your home or a prearranged venue of choice. Together we'll design a personalized plan that uniquely suits you. This may include working on balance, flexibility, strength, breathing techniques, cognitive function and / or specialized chair exercises. We will work to your ability and desire. 

I have successfully worked with people who experience a wide range of limitations such as:  severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint replacements, emotional stress, chronic fatigue,  mobility constraints, oxygen flow challenges, poor circulation, mood swings, stroke, pain, and much more. I will accommodate on an individualized basis. 

Long ago I realized the power of relaxation when engaging in any new situation. My approach is well intended, for your benefit, and my hope is for your actualized comfort, while working toward improved physical health. My approach is gentle, and mirrors that of your level of comfort. I recognize that there are many women with complex situations that do not fit into the fitness mold.  

I'll help to support in your desire to realize your personal potential, without expectation, or judgement. Your goal is to feel better. My goal is to  guide you in reclaiming your body!    


Post Aquatic Rehabilitation Services are designed to give a comprehensive overview of exercises suitable for a general population recovering from injury, replacement surgery, car or work accident recovery, stroke, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other debilitating conditions. I help to increase flexibility, balance, and mobility, through full comprehension of anatomy, an ability to understand needs and desired outcomes, combined with a wide range, and years of experience. 

Techniques include: safe joint range, muscle action, account of overall fitness levels, fun, and much more. In addition to rehab, I offer an aquatic meditative experience, as well as a mind / body program. Together we will discuss and design a custom plan for a safe exercise program that will help each person to realize their desired outcomes - without noticing that they are exercising!! 


Desired outcomes are non performance based. We aim for overall mobility for recovery - at the comfortable pace of the individual. We will likely cover exercises for: the Cervical Thoracic and Lumbar areas of the spine, shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, and ankle joint areas. Other exercises include suggestions for clients requiring CVA or post stroke Rehab which can also be used for most movement disorders. 

My methods encourage a mind, body  approach which is linked through breath. laughter, discussion and fun. Our sessions greatly help to further awareness of our efforts, and improve abilities with ease and flow.

Some Aquatic Details

As a certified Biomagnetic Practitioner, a Mind / Body / Qi Gong Practitioner, and a Certified Post Aquatic Rehab Specialist, you are in the best of hands for all of your wellness needs!! 

Working in water, which generally maintains the therapeutic temperature of 90 degree's F.,it will feel like play.

Aquatic sessions are based on 1/2 hour programs and are custom built for the individual and their specific needs. Rates are  $35.00 per 1/2 hour, per person. 

*Group rates and sliding scale are available. Note: Sessions may be covered - if treatment plan is requested by a Dr. PT, Chiro, by WSIB or MVT. Many private insurance plans also cover aquatic therapy through Physiotherapy. 

**Additional services may include transportation to/from pool if required. If desired, I will travel to your home pool - private or condo. I am able to organize a warm pool to rent privately. Extra services may incur additional fee's. 


 **All Certifications are current:   

  • Aqua Fit Instructor, Rehabilitation Aquatic Specialist: Pre/Post Surgery, Stroke, Accidents, Fibre Myalgia, (and more) 
  • Mind / Body Aquatic's 
  • WaterART Certified
  • Life Saving Society CPR-C, Standard First Aid, AED
  • Biomagnetic Practitioner - Biomagnetic Research Institute Level 1
  • Senior Land (and Chair) 

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a Medical Practitioner, nor are the services or products intended to replace traditional treatment - I offer an alternative, to compliment conventional care, and to be used along side continued, and regular Medical protocol