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Magnetic Ankle Support


$49.99CAD-14 powerful sewn in magnets emit deep penetrating magnetic therapy to help manage the pain and/or swelling of even the most severe conditions of the ankle or lower leg. Accelerates healing of sprains and fractures. Can be beneficial for any condition. Helps to improve circulation in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Comfortable, elasticized material with hook and loop closure, lets you adjust your desired degree of support. One adjustable size fits all.

Magnetic Elbow Support


$29.99CAD - Magnetic Elbow Support Light, elasticized, pull on, cotton lining - Contains 18 magnets.

Magnetic Wrist Support


$29.99CAD - 6 powerful sewn, in magnets, loop on thumb design for easy, one handed fitting. Commonly uses: pain and/or swelling in the hand, wrist, arm & elbow. Accelerates healing of sprains & fractures. Carpal tunnel protector.

Magnetic Knee Support


$39.99CAD Magnet therapy combined with light compression for knee problems. Contains 32 magnets. Pull on tubular design, comfortable cotton lining. Hand washable. Note: This product fits small. You will probably need a larger size than what you would expect. Also an adjustable knee support with 34 powerful magnets.

Magnetic Waist Support


$89.99CAD - Contains 34 sewn in magnets designed for maximum coverage and deep penetrating magnet therapy. Bioceramic dots woven into the material absorb body heat and return it in the form of far infrared rays that penetrate the tissues and help promote circulation and healing. Hand washable. *NOTE: there is also a belt, (with less magnets,) available for $39.99

Magnetic Soles


$49.99CAD - The entire surface of these high power insoles is magnetized using a patented magnetization pattern, especially developed to deliver a much deeper penetration than most magnetic insoles. This deep penetrating magnetic stimulation, boosts the performance of every organ and system in the body. Helps relieve discomforts in the feet and legs, energizes and strengthens the body. Flexible yet highly durable to withstand millions of footsteps. Available in Large (to mens size 13) or Small (to Womens size 9). Easily cuts to your size using regular scissors. Size template included.