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  • Crystals - all molecular structures, sizes, colour, purposes, polished stones, geodes, crystals, salt lamps, amethyst, citrine, cathedrals and more!
  • Shungite - Russian stone. Comes in many shapes, used for protection against radiation
  • Magnetic Supports for pain relief. elbow, back, ankle, knee, wrist, insoles, dog collar, pet beds
  • Pyramids, (shungite, quartz)
  • Pendants - Custom made, coded (James Foo, ) and Sacred Geometric pendants with your choice of stone.
  • Coded energizer coasters Boast energy of food and water
  • Essential Oils - Improved emotional and phsyical health, skin treatments, environmental clearing and cleaning, food prep and much more!
  • Coasters - Energize your food, water with coded coasters. Can be used to reduce pain and energize organs as well!h.

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Wellness Practice

Qi Matic Healing - This modality is about balancing physical, emotional and spiritual energies in order to create harmony in mind, body and soul. When connected and aligned - both as an individual, and to the environment, we understand that a profound communication is available to us, and continuously develops as we explore! Using James Foo's unique and efficient techniques, and vast knowledge, we are able to address and clear physical and emotional issues, shift frequency, attitude, outdated programs, and harmoniously balance energy. We learn to connect and align Heart, Kundalini, and Wave Energies thereby improving our personal health, and ultimately positively impacting humanity. 

I have studied under the Master Practitioner, and Scientist - James Foo. He has combined the ancient knowledge of Qi Gong, with his background in science to develop an extremely efficient modality used to re-balance the chi in our organs, recover from sickness, release emotional baggage, and improve our health.  For more information:

We are inherently interconnected with each other, the earth, the animal kingdom, and beyond! We are also in an unprecedented period of transition that has not yet been experienced by Humanity. Finally, we are moving to a state of inclusion -  into our true, unconditioned, and peaceful nature. As we move out of our fear based belief in separation, we are collectively creating a totally new, more conscious, aware, limitless, expansive experience. These are exciting times! 
I work remotely or personally, with groups and individuals as required around specific issues: physical, emotional, or spiritual. By appointment only.

Biomagnetic Treatment: I am a fully Certified Biomagentic Practitioner, trained under Dr. David Goiz, who wrote the curriculum for the fully accredited course at the University of Mexico City. Biomagnetic Pair (BP) was developed by scientist Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, more than 27 years ago. It is a  technique, that uses magnets, in pairs, to enable the treatment  of various pathogens, temporal issues, genetic diseases, autoimmune dysfunction, and provides psycho-emotional support. It reduces clinical symptoms, rehabilitates various functions of the organism, and re establishes ones health. The technique focuses on facilitating prevention, and acts as complementary treatment aiding in the rehabilitation from disease. It is non-invasive and has proven to be an extremely effective health modality. Treatments are available in person, or by distance.

Natural Sulphur Hot Springs

Retreats and Events

Do you have a group of people that regularly gather for a common interest such as: meditation, yoga, aquafit, nutritional consults, painting, or any kind of work / play shops? 

Maybe you have a group of such great friends that you want to share a travel experience together? Perhaps you may want to take your gathering to the next level?

If so, we'll totally customize an interesting, exciting event or retreat that is tailored to your desire and budget - anywhere on the globe!

One of our favourite's is XADANU Eco Ranch and Retreat - near Huatulco, Mexico - in the beautiful Sierra Mountains.

Please check out the 'Soulshine Retreat XADANU ' page for upcoming adventures or 'Xadanu Excursion Idea's' pages! If interested in booking a fantastic week, in the jungle at XADANU - or a few days at XADANU in connection with a couple of days on the beach, please contact us @ 416 570 8793, or for a personalized quote. Also, feel to check out the 'XADADU slideshow' page for images!

Whether you prefer a local or an International venue, please contact us with your destination idea's, and we'll put together some great suggestions based on your budget, number of participants, and desires. 

***If unique Crystals, Geodes, and Cathedrals are your passion, please scroll up, down or go to 'Shop Now.'

LJP Consulting: By Appointment

Retreats, Wellness, Crystals, Magnets and FUN!

All services are completely personalized and tailored to individual requirements, desire, and budget. Flexible hours - Reasonable rates. Please inquire for more information!

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