Crystals, Shungite, Magnetics - General Information

Crystals: Please note, the images that are displayed in the gallery are for example only. To purchase Crystals, please visit our 'SHOP NOW' page. We have access to a huge range of stones and crystals. All purchases are a very personal experience. 

If you are interested in these items, we will have a short communication prior to processing an inquiry. I personally choose the item(s,) specific to the desire and needs of the unique request from the individual. Crystals are valuable on many levels, and they come in a wide range of properties, colour, molecular structure, function and cost: From $5.00 into the thousands - they suit varied tastes, needs, and budgets! If you see something you love, but is not in the budget, it is probable that I will be able to locate an affordable, similar stone, (possibly smaller,) that you love just as much - just ask! 
*There are 2 ways to order Shungite, Pendants and Crystals. **Prices include tax, shipping may be extra:
1. Personal Order: We have a brief chat regarding the intended use of the product. I personally purchase the item based on our conversation and your stated budget, I'll send a brief description of the item, with care instructions, then arrange for delivery.
2. Custom Order: We engage in a more in depth dialogue where I receive a clear idea of how the product is desired to be used, your favourite colour, date of birth, and the budget, You will also have the opportunity to discuss any health issues with me. These details will help greatly in deciding the best options for your purchase. I will also do a numerical and zodiacal significator reading to determine  destiny and soul numbers. I'll send this information with suggestions. We will agree on the product and I'll personally purchase your order, completely clean and clear any existing energies, send an in depth description, suggested uses, care instructions, and arrange to have the product delivered. *Minimum $500.00 purchase, or $60.00 additional fee.   

Magnets generally operate similarly to crystals. They are known, from ancient times, to be functional for pain management and support. They can safely be worn as supports, or used in the treatment of emotional and / or physical ailments.   Additionally, I provide a wide variety of items that can be used independently including:  

  • Magnetic supports aid in connection with pain relief, joint issues such as: knee, ankle, wrist and back pain. As well, magnetic insoles target the acupressure points in the feet aiding with balance and focus.
  • Shungite stones help protect against high levels of radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis - from microwaves, TVs, cellphones, computers and other electronic devices.
  • Suggested uses for Crystals:  
  • Improve your health.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Power up your Reiki.
  • Manifest abundance.
  • Motivate change.
  • Decoration
  • Meditation and Spiritual aid
  • Sleeping support
  • Add calm and beautiful energy to a room

Pendants: A range of sacred geometric designs with ancient symbols: Flower of Life, Black Sun, Yhree Yantra, Spiral - single or double, and more, are available in connection with specific stones, such as:  Lapis, Shungite, Rose or Clear Quartz - to name a few. You have your choice of design and stone!  Designs are Silver ($120.00) - with or without tarnish protection, or Gold Plated. *Price quoted is for Silver - please add $20.00 for Gold Plate or Tarnish Protection. Also, if a double spiral is ordered, please add $20.00. A description of stones and sacred designs will be provided by email.  

*In addition Magnetic, and Qi Matic energized pendants ($70.00.) are also available. 

How to Use Shungite to make fullerene-rich/hydrogen-rich water: 

1. Filter and structure your water according to any of the ways outlined in Dancing with Water

2. Add shungite a. If you are using black shungite (not sold on this website) , add 100 grams (about 1/2 cup of small stones) per litre of water. Allow the water to mature for 3 days or more before consuming. b. If you are using the silver form (elite/noble shungite) add 30 grams (about 1/8 cup of small stones) per 1⁄2 gallon of water and allow to mature for 3 hours or overnight prior to consuming. 

3. It is best to leave shungite in the water until it is consumed. This helps to maintain the fullerene- like structure and the hydrogen in the water. 

How to use a shungite sphere 

1. Place one shungite sphere in a quart of structured water and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. (Structuring your water first allows the fullerene matrix to assemble more rapidly). Drink to relieve stress, to balance the energetic body, and to initiate a serene state of mind. 

2. Place a sphere in your water bottle – in a pitcher or storage container—drink during the day. 

3. Place a sphere in your pocket (it may leave a dark residue on clothing and hands as it sloughs off carbon during initial use). 

Cleansing Shungite Shungite can be cleansed and recharged for long-term use. Nature continually cleanses shungite in sunlight and running water. You can do the same. Every 1- 2 months, depending on your water source and on the grade of shungite you are using, place shungite pieces in a gallon container. Fill the container with distilled, reverse osmosis (RO), or filtered (clean )water.* Shake or stir for about 10 minutes. You can also place shungite in an emptied mineral basket from the Duet Water Revitalizer and run it on a 9-minute cycle. Remove the shungite and place it in the full sun for several hours to recharge. To order any of the above items, please visit our Store.

*Do not cleanse shungite under running tap water that contains chlorine or other contaminants. Distilled and RO water are best since they are empty (hungry) water 

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am not a Medical Practitioner, nor are the services or products intended to replace traditional treatment - I offer an alternative to conventional care, to be used along side, continued, and regular Medical protocol.