Crystals, Shungite, Magnetics - General Information


CRYSTALS: To purchase Crystals, please visit our 'SHOP NOW' page for current inventory. We have access to a huge range of stones and crystals and it is possible to relay your ideal crystal and we will customize your order! It is a very personal experience. 

*If you choose to purchase Crystals from us WE WILL PAY THE TAX! 


We offer FREE shipping on orders that are valued over $200.00CAD - in Canada, and over $400.00CAD - in the U.S.A.

As an ADDITIONAL bonus, I personally clear all previously encountered, and / or accumulated, stagnant energies from the crystals. More importantly, I charge and frequency match each crystal to their new environments. This ensures that the highest potential of the crystal will be realized and utilized optimally to best suit the requirements  of their new custodians.

I am also available for free consultation prior to processing an inquiry. We will discuss the merits of specific stones, in relation to the desires of the customer. I will make suggestions based on the outcome of the communication. For custom orders, I will send some potential images, via email, for the approval of the client. (I used to charge for this service but have decided to waive this fee.) Crystals are beneficial to everyone and I encourage all that are drawn to them to explore with these beautiful minerals. They are valuable on many levels, and they come in a wide range of properties, colours, molecular structures, function and cost. They suit varied tastes, interests, needs, and budgets! If you see something you love, but is not in the budget, it is probable that I will be able to locate an affordable, similar stone, (possibly smaller,) that you love just as much - just ask!  

  • Suggested uses for Crystals:  
  • Improve your health.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Power up your Reiki.
  • Manifest abundance.
  • Motivate change.
  • Decoration
  • Meditation and Spiritual aid
  • Sleeping support
  • Add calm and beautiful energy to an environment
  • MUCH MUCH MORE - Go to Store

Note: Gallery images displayed below are samples meant to show available possibilities.


MAGNETS generally operate similarly to crystals. They are known, from ancient times, to be functional for balance, pain management and support. They can safely be worn as supports, or used in the treatment of emotional and / or physical ailments.   Additionally, I provide a wide variety of items that can be used independently including:  

  • Magnetic supports aid in connection with pain relief, joint issues such as: knee, ankle, wrist and back pain. As well, magnetic insoles target the acupressure points in the feet aiding with balance and focus. Shop for Magnetic Supports                                                                                                                                                                               SHUNGITE stones help protect against high levels of radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis - from microwaves, TVs, cellphones, computers and other electronic devices.                                                                                                                                                                                 PENDANTS: A range of sacred geometric designs with ancient symbols: Flower of Life, Black Sun, Yhree Yantra, Spiral - single or double, and more, are available in connection with specific stones, such as:  Lapis, Shungite, Rose or Clear Quartz - to name a few. You have your choice of design and stone!  Designs are Silver ($120.00) - with or without tarnish protection, or Gold Plated. *Price quoted is for Silver - please add $20.00 for Gold Plate or Tarnish Protection. Also, if a double spiral is ordered, please add $20.00. A description of stones and sacred designs will be provided by email.  *Special order - please inquire.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Magnetic Supports and Crystals are available for purchase at our Online Store.

  • PLEASE NOTE: I am not a Medical Practitioner, nor are the services or products intended to replace traditional treatment - I offer an alternative to conventional care, to be used along side, continued, and regular Medical protocol.