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Canadian C60-Fullerene

Introducing C60: As many of you are aware, there is a fantastic opportunity to REDUCE AGING!! C60 - anti aging formula - most famously known for the 'rat longevity' experiment (.pdf below,) is now available to you, your family, friends and clients! ! Research and study into the effects of C60 have been ongoing since the early '90's with the most extensive experiment taking place in 2012. It is not known exactly why the rats of the C60 chronic toxicity study lived well beyond their maximum natural lifespan, (almost double,) and in excellent health. That said, Dr. F Moussa, the main author of the study, suggests that perhaps it was due to the 'super antioxidant' properties of C60, and that C60 is unique in that it can go deep into the cells and cell walls.

How does C60 work? C60 removes superoxide, which is a toxic by-product of cellular metabolism that contributes to tissue injury in many human diseases. C60's capacity to search for reactive oxygen species (Free Radicals,) shows effects of antioxidant and longevity. The exact 'how' of this positive health result is speculative but, among other hypothesis, computer simulations have shown the C60 has the ability to pass through lipid membranes, enter the cell, and alter its functions. 

Some Health Benefits Related to the C60 Formula
Longevity: Studies have shown that C60 prevents nerve cells from dying by dehydration or amyloid-beta (which causes Alzheimer's,) and increased life span of mice. Further, studies have shown that the use of actual C60 in olive oil has realized a 90% increased life span in rats, it protects nerve cells from dying from over firing, and may be used effectively in snakebites.

Free Radical Protection: Free radicals are able to interact with almost any molecule in the body, potentially damaging it before moving on to the next molecule. Studies of C60 have shown it to be a powerful antioxidant that prevents age related decline in mice. Reduction of inflammation in mice was also observed. (

Although C60 does not guarantee the same results in humans, it is worth mentioning that the rat study was conclusive and studies are ongoing. There is strong evidence to support the above information. In addition, C60 is being tested, in combination of other processes, and oils, for other health improvements such as: deactivation of some mosquito viruses, prevention of fat cell growth in size and numbers, prevention of stress induced damage and breakdown of bones, overcoming bacteria in group A Strep (throat, skin, toxic shock syndrome,) and decreases in Th2 and Th17 dominance, which contributes to autoimmune disorders. 

About Canadian C60 and their Process:
Canadian company that produces solutions of Pristine Carbon 60 Fullerenes
Source - highest purity (99.95 or 99.99%) C60 which has been Vacuum-Oven Dried ( VOD ) to remove any trace solvents 
Using Certified (USDA, Ecocert) Organic, Extra Virgin, First Cold Press Olive Oil sourced from Sfax, Tunisia.
Our solubilization process requires mixing the C60 Fullerenes to a final concentration of 80mg/100ml through constant stirring over a minimum period of 14 days in complete darkness using a specialized stirring apparatus. This whole process occurs at room temperature. After the solubilization, the resultant solution is sterile filtered through a 0.2 micron vacuum filtration unit to remove any trace amounts of undissolved particulates and packaged in UV and visible light protective glass bottles.(BPA free)
Canadian C60 makes no health claims, and this product has not been tested on humans or for human consumption.

Canadian C60 was founded by Mike, a Canadian molecular neurobiologist. C60 Fullerene is produced in extremely pure form, The formula utilizes Organic Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and they have followed the meticulous process of the famous 'Rat Longevity' study conducted by Dr. Fathi Moussa’s laboratory. While this product is available in many locations, it is noteworthy that there have been numerous incidents whereby companies have misrepresented the purity of the product, or have not had sufficient training and knowledge to produce a high quality saturated solution of C60 in olive oil. Others have offerings of this product at exorbitant prices, with lower purity levels of C60. I personally know Mike and can vouch for his integrity and credentials. He believes in making the highest quality solutions starting with the highest quality ingredients and uncompromised dedication to production standards. He believes in the positive effects of C60 and is offering it at an unbelievably low cost to ensure that all can benefit.

• 100 ml. bottles of 99.95% C60 in Olive Oil - $70.00 CAD (99.99% available - add $10.00)
• 200 ml. bottles of 99.95% C60 in Olive Oil - $119.00 CAD (99.99% available - add $10.00)

Dosage: Based on equivalency allometric dosing calculations extrapolating from rats to average-weight humans, the recommended dose is 1.5 mg/day, which is approx. one full pipette (you should fill half of the pipette, twice). That way, the contents should last approximately 30 days. It is unknown what the optimal dose is for humans.

How to Order: Canadian C60 is in the process of updating their website. Canadian C60 may be ordered by email, or phone: or 416-570-8793

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